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Handling a property from abroad can be stressful for property owners and Manage My Property is here to provide an array of services in the area of Playa Samara.

Here is a list of the main services we can offer to our clients :

Vacation rental management

We can handle your guests check-in & check-outs both from direct reservations and online platforms which we can help you both to set-up. We will attend guests prior to their stay and during their visit in your home for a percentage based fee.

Property routine inspections

We will schedule visits to your property to check on it when it is unoccupied and report to you in case there is anything that needs attention.

Gardening & yard maintenance

Our team of gardeners is here to take care of your yard, garden or landscaping project.

Swimming pool cleaning

We work closely with our partner Samara Pool Supply to bring you a reliable pool maintenance service.

General maintenance, repairs & upgrades

Thanks to our network of local service providers, we can offer you to take care of your property’s general maintenance and supervise any necessary repairs you will order as well as overseeing upgrades you’d like to implement.

Home cleaning & laundry service

Over the years we have built a great cleaning staff which will be responsible for handling laundry and the cleaning of your property before and after each guest.

Utilities payment

Your utility bills will be taken care of before being recorded in your financial spreadsheet which you can access online anytime.

Property's bookkeeping

Our accounting department will record all your property’s income and expenses onto a online spreadsheet accessible anytime through the internet.

Property taxes, sales tax & income tax

We are here to help you navigate Costa Rica’s legal & fiscal system and we will assist you with the payment of your property taxes and understanding the sales tax apparatus.

Service fees

We help you with everything you need to ! We don’t want you to spend your day being stressed or anxious about bureaucracy or imprevisible things. Here is a table of our basic fees.

Premium Members
Regular Members
Certified Title Report
$15 + IVA
$20 + IVA
Corporation status
$15 + IVA
$20 + IVA
Corporation Tax
$40 + IVA for report & payment
Municipal Tax
$40 + IVA for report & payment
Laundry Service
$10 + IVA per load
General Repairs
$18 + IVA per hour
$20 + IVA per hour
Supervision / Courrier Fee
Up to 10% of bill
Up to 20% of bill
Utility payment
$10 + IVA per service
$10 + IVA per hour
$12 + IVA per hour
Home Cleaning
$10 + IVA per hour
$12 + IVA per hour
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