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Are you travelling to Central America? Here are some travel tips to help you preparing one of the best trip of your life in Costa Rica!


Are you travelling to Central America? Here are some travel tips to help you preparing one of the best trip of your life in Costa Rica!

Best time to visit Costa Rica

First travel tips for a trip to Costa Rica, there is no good or bad season to go to Costa Rica. Everything depends on what you would like to do during your stay on what are your expectations of a travel to Costa Rica. Everyone has its own priorities! But you have to know that the climate here changes a lot depending on which part of the country you are going to. You can perfectly come here in October and find rain on the Pacific Coast while you will find sunny days on the Caribbean Coast!

Dry season last from December to April and rainy season from May to November. However, during rainy season, it only rains 1 to 2 hours a day, and most of the time it’s only on the late afternoon. That’s mean that you will have all day to do some activities! For nature lovers, the rainy season is the best one to visit Costa Rica. Nature awakens, the luxuriant vegetation welcomes hundreds of animals, the landscape becomes greener, it’s beautiful! Dry season is better for walks and days spent at the beach, hiking to the top of a volcano etc… The best moment to come in Costa Rica is up to you!

Visa & Vaccines

American and Canadian people don’t need a touristic visa for a period under 90 days. Which is good news! The only thing necessary is a valid passport for at least 3 months after the entrance in the country.

Another travel tips, for vaccines, none is mandatory if you want to go to Costa Rica. Nevertheless, ask your doctor if all your vaccines are updated. Mosquitos transmit some illness, take with you some repellant and don’t forget to protect yourself in humid areas!


Costa Rica is a safe country, the safest of all Central America! All travelers going to Costa Rica will tell you that not even once they felt in danger. However, you have to respect some basic rules in order to prevent some problems. There is, as in all countries in the world, some thefts on the beach, in cars etc… You have to be careful and let your identity papers at the hotel and close your car when you leave it for the day.


You will have a lot of choice of accommodations when coming to Costa Rica. Hotel, hostel, lodges… There is a place waiting for everyone! Something you will also find a lot here in B&B or rental location. What’s better during a trip that to stay in the house of a local? That way, you will know how people live in the country you visit.

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Which clothes are better?

The weather is hot all year round here in Costa Rica. That’s why travelers often only take shorts and tee-shirts to be less hot. However, it is better to also bring long pants to protect yourself from mosquitos in national parks and humid areas. Don’t forget to take some warm clothes if you want to hike a volcano, it is really cold at the top! You will be happy to have with you jersey, hat and gloves.

If you decide to visit Costa Rica during rainy season, a raincoat will be your best friend! Also important are your favorite flipflop for the beach and hiking shoes for your jungle adventures. And for sure, essentials to travel to Costa Rica: sun cream, hat and sunglasses! Indeed, the sun is really strong here, it is better to protect a lot.

Airlines companies

Last travel tips but not least, various airlines companies fly from US to Costa Rica. American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines and a lot more. You have the possibility to land either in San Jose, the capital, or Liberia, on the Pacific Coast.

You will find flights from $150 for the cheapest until $500 during high season, usually between December and April. It is better to buy the ticket in advance to find the better prices!

In any cases, a lot of websites exist nowadays to find the best deals for flights.

Once you got your flight ticket, we will look an accommodation in Samara for you!

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